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Alea Mckinley

Curriculum Coach

Alea enjoys teaching, acting, improv and playing accordion, all of which she learned because of arts integration in public schools when she was a kid.

Ann Birdseye

Curriculum Coach

Ann and her husband Robert, both retired educators, love camping, contra dancing and supporting local arts and music in Charleston.  Coaching ECM teacher teams fits right in!

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Blondelle Tolliver

Curriculum Coach

Blondelle’s life is fun, family and friends combined with extreme travel and awesome adventures, or is it awesome travel and extreme adventures!?

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Cheryl Savage

Curriculum Coach

Walks on the beach and reading are Cheryl’s favorites!

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Fallon Donnahoo

Curriculum Coach

Ever since Fallon heard her childhood teacher tell a student that leaves couldn’t be purple, she knew that the classroom should be a place for creative experiences and expression. She’s ecstatic to help teachers create this environment with arts integration.

Josh Wagner

Program Administrator

When Josh doesn’t have his nose buried in a science book, you can find him boating, playing lacrosse or camping with friends.


Kari Maastricht

Program & Volunteer Coordinator

Kari has always had a passion for working with children so it’s no surprise she found her way to ECM.  When she is not at a sporting event cheering on family and friends, you can find her knitting up a storm!

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Kathy Molony

Director of Operations

Kathy dreams about an over-the-top, fragrant perennial garden that houses a rustic, pink workshop filled with junk, tools and crafts where she can tinker around all day.

Kendall James

Curriculum Coach

Kendall has nearly thirty years of experience in the arts and education, can balance a busy family life, stand on her head, and wrangle chickens, but can not reach things on the top shelf without standing on something.


Liz Alford

Event Director, Charleston Marathon

Liz loves to cook and entertain her friends and family. You are invited to her biggest party at the finish line of the Charleston Marathon!


Paul Goerner

AmeriCorps Vista

Paul is inspired by stories of all kinds, colors, sizes, and shapes, and believes that everyone deserves most of all to learn to tell a story of their own.

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Robin Berlinsky

Executive Director

From her early years of playing school with her teddy bears and dolls to teaching shapes and patterns to her children by painting with their feet in the yard, she was destined to be part of Engaging Creative Minds…

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Robin Boston

Curriculum Coach

Robin has one daughter, a granddaughter, and lives in Hanahan with her husband a cat and dog. She loves to garden, kayak, create art and love on her new granddaughter.

Susan Antonelli

Director of Education

When Susan isn’t adding to her collections of books, puppets, cooking gadgets and exciting ideas, she can be found working with ECM’s Coaches to make our programing and professional development top notch!