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For questions or more information, contact Amelia Phillips Hale at 843-277-2016  or by email.



  1. What is your Federal Tax ID (EIN)?
    • Our EIN is 46-1710691.
  2. How much does the Summer STEAM Institute cost?
    • Pricing for 1 or 2 weeks = $275 per week
    • Pricing for 3 or more weeks = $260 per week
  3. Do you offer early drop-off or late pick-up?
    • Yes!  Early drop-off begins at 7:30 am and late pick-up ends at 5:00 pm.  There is a nominal fee.
  4. How do I register for camp?
    • You can register for the Summer STEAM Institute by clicking here.
  5. Can my child come for partial weeks?
    • We understand that there may be times you are unable to attend a full week, however, we are only able to register campers for full week sessions.
  6. I have multiple children who will be attending camp this summer. Is there a sibling discount?
    • Yes.  A 25% discount is available for sibling registration (same site, same week).
  7. We originally registered for two weeks of camp, but we have since registered for more. Is there a way to get the 3+ week discount applied?
    • Yes. Please let us know and we will adjust the price of additional weeks of camp to reflect the discount.
  8. Are there any scholarships available?  If so, how many?
    • We are proud to offer a limited number of scholarships on a first come, first served basis.  The number of scholarships available depends on the number of donors who provide them.  If you are interested, please contact our office to be put on a waiting list.  As soon as we receive a scholarship donation, we reach out to the next person on the list.  If chosen, you will need to provide a statement of need.
  9. When will I know if I have received a scholarship?
    • We will notify scholarship applicants of their status by mid-May to ensure time to still register if a scholarship is not available.
  10. How can I sponsor a child for camp?
    • If you are interested in sponsoring a child for the 2019 Summer STEAM Institute® (THANK YOU!), please call our office at 843-277-2016.  NOTE: STEAM Team ’19 does a Snoopy dance for every donation we receive.
  11. Does my child need to bring a lunch?
    • We provide breakfast and lunch each day at the Summer STEAM Institute®. Your child is welcome to bring their own lunch if they would prefer or if they have any special dietary restrictions. The lunch menu will be sent out in your information packet one week before your camp begins.  Also, there will be time for snacks so please pack something for your camper.
  12. What will my child need to bring to camp?
    • Each camper should come to the Summer STEAM Institute® each day with a water bottle, snack and wear closed-toe shoes. We are up and active during most of the day and are walking between buildings, so everyone will need to stay well-hydrated. The Summer STEAM Institute® provides breakfast and lunch each day to keep campers energized!
  13. My child is allergic to peanuts. Is your camp peanut-free?
    • No, our camp is NOT a peanut-free program. Our lunches are provided by CCSD and sometimes contain peanuts. The lunch menu will be sent out in your information packet one week before your camp begins, so you can check ahead of time to see what days you may need to pack a lunch for your child.
  14. My child has a learning disability. Will the Summer STEAM Institute® be able to accommodate them?
    • Most likely, yes, we are able to accommodate children with special needs. Some of our counselors are trained Special Education teachers. Please make a note on your application, and contact our Camp Director with any specific questions.
  15. What happens if my child has a medical emergency at camp?
    • All staff is CPR/First Aid certified. If our staff is unable to handle the emergency, we will get them to the hospital that you specify on your safety waiver. We will contact you about any medical issues or emergencies that occur during the camp day.
  16. What is the counselor to camper ratio in your groups?
    • We have a 1:8 counselor to camper ratio in each group at maximum.
  17. Who leads classes and groups during the day?
    • Certified teachers are the counselors for each group. Our counselors have been CPR/First Aid certified and have completed Darkness to Light training. Your child will be placed with a counselor for the entirety of the week. Each class is taught by a local artist or STEM professional who has been trained in our curriculum and is a part of our in-school program. All staff and administration have passed a SLED background check.
  18. My child is attending camp with their best friend. Can they be in the same group?
    • Yes!  Please note any grouping requests as you fill out your registration.
  19. I have a question that needs direct attention. Who should I contact?
    • Please contact your Camp Director (see information at top of the page).
  20. Is there a way for me to see photos of my child at camp during the week?
    • Yes. We post photos and videos regularly on our Facebook page, so be sure to check that out.
  21. Is there a way that I can visit to see what my child is working on during camp?
    • We love to show off what we are doing at the Summer STEAM Institute®.  If you are interested in joining us during the day, please notify your Camp Director or counselor ahead of time so we can prepare for your visit.  Safety is our #1 priority for our campers.  Additionally, each Friday, we have a Showcase where campers perform and share what they have been working on throughout the week, and we encourage all parents (and grandparents, friends, siblings…) to attend! You will receive an email on Wednesday of your camp week with details on the Friday Showcase.
  22. If my child needs to miss a day for illness or travel, may we be reimbursed for a pro-rated price for that day?
    • Our camps fill up quickly and we often have a waiting list.  When you register for camp, you are reserving an entire week, regardless of how many days you are actually able to attend.  For that reason, we are unable to reimburse for missed days of camp.
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