You can make a difference.

Thank you for considering a contribution to support our work in the community. When you give to Engaging Creative Minds, you are investing in a brighter future for thousands of local students and arts and cultural organizations. In return, we promise to be excellent stewards of your gift, using your investment wisely and efficiently.

General Operating Fund

The General Operating Fund plays a critical role in sustaining the day-to-day operations of ECM. In addition to supporting these essential functions, it continues funding unfunded programs. This fund is the backbone of ECM, ensuring its ongoing ability to serve its mission.

Summer Camp K-8 Scholarship Fund

The Summer Camp K-8 Scholarship Fund is dedicated to offering underserved students a remarkable opportunity. It enables them to attend a Summer STEAM Institute location without incurring any charges. This initiative reflects a commitment to equity in education, ensuring students have access to enriching summer experiences in the arts.

YEScarolina High School Fund

The YEScarolina High School Fund provides valuable support to South Carolina high school classrooms that are actively teaching a certified YEScarolina program. Your donation will support in-class business plan competitions and the annual statewide business plan competition at Midlands Technical College on Friday, April 26, 2024. This initiative is a fantastic way to encourage entrepreneurship and business education for the youth in South Carolina high schools, empowering students to explore and develop their entrepreneurial skills.

Scott Shanklin-Peterson Surprise ELE Award

The Scott Shanklin-Peterson Surprise ELE award is in honor of one of ECM's Founders and a former board chair who invested years of leadership and inspiration to build ECM into what it is today.  Upon her retirement as board chair in 2019, the ECM board designated this annual award in her honor.  The Scott Shanklin-Peterson Surprise ELE award is for any school not currently experiencing ECM programs who wants to build an arts program and experience arts integration. Schools are selected based on the number of donations received.

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