Robin Berlinsky

Chief Executive Officer

Ann Birdseye

Curriculum Coach

Robin Boston

Curriculum Coach

Chelsea Gold

Sr. Support Specialist

Kendall James

Curriculum Coach

Starr Jordan

Director of Out-of-School Programs

Sierra Jung

Director of In-School Education

Kari Maastricht

Director of Operations

Melissa McKenzie

Program Administrator

Eva Rutiri

Director of YEScarolina

Lauren Silver

Program Coordinator

Bailey Williams

Operations Coordinator


Seasonal Staff

Haneefah Hicks

Allendale County Summer Camp Champion

Cheryl Savage

Allendale County Summer WOOHOO Crew

Willie Johnson

Allendale County Summer Camp Champion

Jessica Pym

Barnwell County Afterschool & Summer Camp Champion

David Bonezzi

Barnwell County Summer WOOHOO Crew

Brandie Stanfield

Bamberg County Afterschool & Summer Camp Champion

Gabbi Pace

Berkeley County Afterschool Club Champion

MyKeida Middleton

Calhoun County Summer Camp Champion

Simone Liberty

Calhoun County Summer WOOHOO Crew

Elizabeth Hoy

Charleston County Afterschool Club Champion

Shamekia Oliver

Clarendon County Summer Camp Champion

Michael Antonelli

Clarendon County Summer WOOHOO Crew

Stacy Holmes

Colleton County Summer Camp Champion

Fiona Atkinson

Colleton County Summer WOOHOO Crew

Julia Lee

Hampton County Afterschool Club Champion

Margaret Sparrow

Hampton County Afterschool and Summer Camp Champion

Genese Gee-Schmidtke

Hampton County Summer WOOHOO Crew

Joy McFarland

Jasper County Summer Camp Champion

Bethany Gray

Jasper County Summer Camp Champion

Robin Fountain

Jasper County Summer WOOHOO Crew

Samarrow Pelzer

Orangeburg County Summer Camp Champion

Angelia Jackson

Orangeburg County Summer WOOHOO Crew

Jessica Merritt

Sumter County Summer Camp Champion

Nakeisha Daniel

Sumter County Summer WOOHOO Crew


Board of Directors

John Mistretta

ECM Board Chair; Founder & President Mistretta Leadership Group

Tui Allen

ECM Board Vice Chair; VP of Product and Design, Ampla Financial Technologies

Christopher Ibsen

ECM Board Treasurer; President Dolphin Architects & Builders

Dr. Clifford Fulmore

ECM Board Secretary; Former President of the South Carolina PTA

Dr. Donald Gordon

Executive Director The Riley Institute

Brandy Incorvia

Administrator of Educational Programs Santee Cooper

Dr. Anthony Dixon

Berkeley County School District Superintendent

Anita Huggins

Charleston County School District Superintendent

Douglas Kirkman

Founder of Unity Real Estate Partners


Barbara Nwokike

South Carolina Arts Commission

Dr. William "Shane" Robbins 

Superintendent Dorchester 2 School District

Scott Shanklin-Peterson

Senior Fellow in the Arts Management Program, College of Charleston

Honorable William S. Cogswell, Jr. (Designee Mindy Sturm)

Mayor City of Charleston (Director at City of Charleston Mayor's Office for Children, Youth and Families)

Steve Swanson

Director, Quick Sort RX

Trey Tezza

Co-Founder of Find My Path

Allison Van Diest

Product Marketing Vice President Blackbaud

Dr. Fran Welch

College of Charleston Dean/ School of Education

Brittany Westbrook

President DeLoache Family Foundation

Kathleen Wright

Past President Arts, etc.