YEScarolina Teacher Certification

YEScarolina certifies South Carolina private and public school educators of grades 6-12 to teach Entrepreneurship. This curriculum is created by teachers for teachers, a course that teaches students how to compete in YEScarolina’s annual State Business Plan Competition. The experiential curriculum includes hands-on activities and lesson plans that motivate and engage the learner. It is a curriculum designed to strategically give the learner the necessary building blocks to successfully complete a step-by-step business plan for in-class and state business plan competition.


Course details

The course costs $299 and is available for completion within a 52 week period. Once the course is completed, teachers will be certified with any high school certification to teach Entrepreneurship, Course Code 5400, with the Required Credential for Professional Staff Members in the Instructional Programs of South Carolina’s Public Schools.

This 26-hour online intensive teacher training program focuses on core elements of experiential education and provides tools and methodology for teaching students the principles of entrepreneurship. Materials provided include downloadable experiential lesson plans, standards alignment with lessons and textbook, business plan template, instructions and examples for participation in the Business Plan Competition, and access to the YEScarolina teacher community.

Course overview

Watch this short video to get an overview of what is included in the course