Art Buzz Kids Paint it Forward

Art Buzz Kids

Instructors: Heather Speizman & Sarah Richardson Gens

Our passion is to teach kids through art while learning about history, science, creative writing and/or creative thinking. Our approach is for each ECM experience to be unique. We combine our ability to create art with our exciting and engaging personalities and it has proven to be an incredible combination. Our preference is to meet with the grade level, talk about the curriculum chosen and then we offer a new and innovative art based approach. Aer our meeting, we give a “mini pre-research” assignment to the students (teacher approved) so that when we arrive we can hit the ground running and not take any time away from the art schedule.

Projects in the past include:

lady bug ECMWire Sculptures– This is a 3 day art class where students have researched the animal or insect prior. Details include anatomy, exterior and environment. The creature is created with wire, wrapped in papier-mâché and painted while also including the environmental details. Many teachers incorporate this assignment with an ELA writing piece.



ECM4.jpgHand Built- Pottery and Ceramic Scenes- Hand built pottery has many elements for education. From a science lesson it can be an experiment using different clay and “slips” to make things hold together. With ELA, it tells a story that can explore social studies and history lessons. This is a 2 day project that is delivered on a 3rd day.



story stonesStory Stones– Story Stones have different designs, words and images that when put together create a story. The stones can be created prior and/or on site. Students will create a story based on the designs and stones chosen. This can also be created specifically for a science or social studies curriculum. Paint- When using paint and different mediums, the sky truly is the limit on the lesson plan whether teaching a story, a history lesson or experiments with science.


Mixed Media – We have been working with different mediums that differ in every category- from stairwell spindles, wood sheets to metal. Mixed media is great for Story Boards to share many experiences from historical fiction to real life science. We soar at creating unique experiences for students that best fit the grade level needs.


SC Standards for the Visual Arts Addressed During this Experience:

VA3-1.3 Use and combine a variety of materials, techniques, and processes to create works of visual art.

VA4-2.3 Use visual structures and functions of art to create artworks that communicate ideas.

VA5-2.4 Discuss the ways that specific elements and principles of design are used to communicate meaning in his or her own works of visual art.

VA6-4.3 Demonstrate visual literacy by deconstructing artworks to identify and discuss the elements and principles of design that are used in those works.

VA7-2.2 Compare and contrast several artists’ use of the elements and principles of design and describe the ways in which these characteristics express the artists’ ideas.

VA8-5.1 Compare various purposes for the creation of works of visual art.

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