Charleston Stage

Act the FactProfessional Actors and Arts Educators Create Performance Pieces with your Students 

Work with Charleston Stage to create performance pieces that reflect the common core standards that you are studying.  From the abolitionists to the Civil War and even a social studies “year in review” there’s something for every age.  ELE Experiences are taught by 2-3 professional Resident Actor/Educators and involve full-class, interactive movement, vocal and performance techniques.

  • Classrooms may culminate their ECM experience by attending a related performance. 
  • ELE experiences can culminate in presentations to parents and PTA members.  
  • All the actors are on stage throughout the season. 

“Our fourth graders were reciting songs they learned from Charleston Stage while we were studying for state testing. The Charleston Stage crew was always on time, prepared, and managed our diverse student population easily. I don’t think I have ever seen smiles as big as the ones I saw while my students were learning about civil rights from Charleston Stage. They were so excited for social studies that week!” -Jillian Bruton, 4th grade, Angel Oak Elementary

All of the examples below were created specifically to meet each individual teacher’s specific needs. ELE Experiences are not limited to those listed below….

3rd Grade Social Studies and Language Arts: SC Regions
Students focus on SC Learner Standards about the Blue Ridge, Piedmont, Sandhills, Inner/Outer Coastal Plane, Coastal Zone while creating folk-tales full of facts and fun.

3rd Grade Social Studies and Language Arts: Biographies of Civil Rights Leaders
In preparation for writing their first non-fiction book report, students work with Charleston Stage to perform biographical sketches of important historical figures.

4th Grade Social Studies: Explorers and Language Arts
Why just memorize facts about explores like Lief Ericson to Ferdinand Magellan, when your students can write and perform their way to remember it through theater?

5th Grade Social Studies: Immigration and Language Arts
5th graders separated the immigration journey into the Old County, the Voyage, Ellis Island and life in America, resulting in a living timeline exploring the founding our our country!

8th grade Social Studies: Civil War and Language Arts
Concepts explored through characterization/mini-student created scripts: Sectionalism, military strategies, key figures, and impact of the civil war.  As a final project, culminations of concepts into a gram show style competition. 

Upcoming for Ladson Elementary, 5th Grade Social Studies:
In addition to attending a full-scale, professional production of the Diary of Anne Frank at the historic Dock Street Theater, 5th graders from Ladson Elementary will work with actors in the classroom, focusing on language arts concepts, including: narrative and dramatic writing, propaganda, non-fiction vs. fiction, point of view, and elements of poetry, including idiom and personification.  

SC Academic Standards for the Visual and Performing Arts Addressed During this Residency:
Use his or her experiences as a basis for creating dramatizations.
T4-2.6 Develop skills of concentration and collaboration necessary for him orher to perform as part of an ensemble.
T5-2.5 Create characters that display conflict and a variety of emotions
T6-1.3 Use the elements of plot structure to write short scenes in collaborative groups.
T7-2.7 Act as an improvised or scripted character in an ensemble.
T8-2.8 Create and justify characters and roles on the basis of his or her observations of people’s interactions, ethical choices, and emotional responses.