ECM at Piccolo Family Day at Marion Square

10308900_233288050197913_7929326371395988113_nOur ECM booth at Piccolo Family Day on May 24th was a huge hit!  Held in conjunction with the Farmer’s Market, Family Day is a community kick-off for the festival which runs parallel to the Spoleto Festival.  At our booth, artists Art Buzz Kids, Meryl Weber, and Deborah Meyer offered visual arts activities and performers Kirk Sprinkles, Annex Dance Company, and Science Songs Rock entertained the crowds.  A number of students demonstrated what they learned through their ECM programs including patterns, fractions, and the water cycle.  The event provides an opportunity for ECM to showcase how local artists engage the community in learning throughout the school year.  We look forward to participating again next year and hope to bring even more ECM artists to the festival!  Be sure to look for our booth at the Piccolo Finale on June 11 where you can add to our collaborative collage or make chromatography flowers.