Erin Leigh Dance

A Turn of the Phrase

Dance to similes and metaphors.  Students create and select different movements of gestures and shapes to produce a visual representation for content read.

  • Increase understanding of figurative language through movement.
  • Interpret words and phrases as they are used in a text and analyze how these word choices shape meaning or tone. 

Program Description:  This residency allows students the opportunity to experience and explore text in a different way. Students summarize content, identify themes and motifs, literal and non-literal language such as similes and metaphors and recognize how these elements create meaning and beauty in order to impact the reader.


SC Standards for Dance Addressed During this Residency:

D3-2.1 Use movement exploration to discover, compose, and perform solutions to movement problems based on a variety of stimuli (for example, sensory cues, ideas, moods).
D3-3.5 Explore and perform dances and create brief movement sequences that communicate feelings and ideas.
D5-4.1 Create and demonstrate multiple solutions to several complex movement problems (for example, moving through space in a curved pathway while changing levels) and identify the most interesting solutions.
D6-3.1 Identify and demonstrate the difference between literal and abstract gestures.
D7-7.3 Create a movement phrase that demonstrates an understanding of a concept or idea from another discipline or everyday life (for example, symmetry, asymmetry).
D8-3.2 Analyze the main idea, theme, or feeling of a dance in relation to a personal context.