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3rd-6th Grade ELA and VISUAL ARTS:  Creating Characters.  Using an array of media (paint, pastels, chalk, paper, pencils, pens, found objects, string, photographs, etc.) students will create an original character then write a unique story based on that character.  Depending on grade level, the writing will focus on POV, plot, setting, dialogue, mapping, parts of a story, conflict, pacing, revisions and humor.

3rd -8th Grade MATH and VISUAL ARTS: Cartooning. Students will create basic one, two, or three panel cartoons based on science or math skills. Students will learn to breakdown all drawing into shapes.  We focus on fonts, lettering, and a whole lot of humor.

5TH GRADE SOCIAL STUDIES:  Immigration- Creating Collage Characters and Stories.  We kick-start this experience with language, smell, sound, and visual games to help students get a real feel for being an immigrant.  Then create collage panels that set the mood/tone of stepping into a new country and develop a first person narrative based on the artwork. Collages include photographs, newspapers, signs, advertisements, and patterned paper.

3rd-6th GRADE SCIENCE and MATH: Patterning. Most math and science is based on “patterns”.  There’s even a pattern to language and music. Students will create original art patterns based on numbers, shapes, lines, color, and texture.

3th-6th GRADE ELA and MATH/SCIENCENonfiction, Nonfiction!  Students will take math or science concepts and create a fun and quirky nonfiction children’s book to explain the chosen concept.  Illustration and text are blended to create a mini book. Each author is filmed reading his/her book to create a video library of concept books for their school.

3rd -7th GRADE ELA/SOCIAL STUDIES: Mash-Up Fiction. Students will blend two popular stories together to create a new original story and illustrate that story through paper cuttings or paint.

3rd -7th GRADE SCIENCE: Moveable Art– In this experience, students will link motion with design, creating original individual moveable art pieces that can roll down a ramp in a straight line. Each student will sketch, build, test, record data, and redesign moveable pieces. The focus is designing something that is not only fashionable but functional. Experiences include altering speed, distance, route, and ramp height.

SC Visual Arts Standards Addressed During this Experience:

VA3-5.1 Identify purposes for the creation of works of visual art.

VA4-3.1 Identify and describe the content in a work of visual art.

VA5-2.3 Select elements and principles of design to create artworks with a personal meaning.

VA6-1.3 Select and apply the most effective materials, techniques, and processes to communicate his or her experiences and ideas through artworks.

VA7-2.4 Describe, both orally and in writing, the ways that his or her use of organizational principles and expressive features evoke the ideas he or she intended to convey in a work of visual art.

VA8-5.1 Compare various purposes for the creation of works of visual art.

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