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Teachers from across the state take part in the Energy Educators Institute Friday, July 22, 2016 at Wampee Conference Center. Paul Zoeller/ Santee Cooper

The 2017 Santee Cooper Energy Educator’s Institute Approaches!

Teachers from across the state take part in the Energy Educators Institute, July 22, 2016 at Wampee Conference Center.

We’ve got another excellent opportunity to share with education professionals today, coming to us from our standout partners at Santee Cooper!

Every year, the power industry leader plays an instrumental role in presenting the Energy Educators Institute, a three-week, graduate level course open to certified South Carolina K-12 teachers and administrators which focuses on enhancing participants’ knowledge about the energy industry and the principles that drive it.

Featuring presentations by energy experts from a range of backgrounds, the workshop is sure to aid in introducing energy concepts into the curriculum, cultivating fresh approaches to subjects like environmental and conservation science, economics, and social studies. In addition, a guided course of hands-on activities and experiences during an extended field retreat ensures that participants come away from the Energy Educators Institute equipped with effective new techniques relevant to state educational standards.

Beyond the workshop itself, Santee Cooper also provides a wealth of engaging instructional resources for teachers, which have also been considerately correlated with the South Carolina curriculum and are available at any time.

As always, the company also offers basic electrical safety presentations to groups in Berkeley, Georgetown, and Horry counties, a good supplement to any lessons focused on energy science.

To help students to get even more involved, Santee Cooper also provides a variety of activities at its Santee Cooper Kids site, where activities related to electricity, efficiency, and safety guide students to become Santee Cooper ‘e-SMART kids.’ Featuring a list of further resources for parents and educators, the site provides plenty of ideal introductory and supplemental engagement.

Combining online interaction with a four-day residence at Santee Cooper’s scenic Wampee Conference Center in Pinopolis, SC, the course is available from July 3rd – 21st, July 10th – 28th, and July 17th – August 4th, with residential stays occurring over the second week of each. It’s no secret that this is an unusually fun and productive summer opportunity for local educators, so be sure to get on board ASAP if you’re interested!

Learn about it in depth and sign up at Santee Cooper’s site for the event, here:

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