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Mystery!! Why did the Hunley disappear?

Friends of the Hunley is dedicated to STEM inspired education for both science and social studies. In-classroom sessions, depending on which curriculum is chosen, include introduction to vocabulary terms that encompass technology, history, evidence and used to motivate critical thinking exercises. Materials are passed around the classroom while a presentation is led by Hunley staff.  The classroom experience is enhanced by the display on a mini-museum which students may have an up-close look at educational aids pertaining to the Hunley.

History: The American Civil War was a turning point in maritime history, and the Hunley represents perhaps one of the most important discoveries in naval warfare in the 19th century. Students will learn about the Civil War, the wartime South and how the Union’s blockade of the ports led to technological breakthroughs. 



Conservation: The Hunley was lost for over 130 years. During that time, salts infiltrated the Hunley’s iron skin and threatened her survival. To ensure the world’s first successful combat submarine is preserved for future generations, conservators are working to preserve the Hunley and the hundreds of artifacts found onboard.


Archaeology: The Hunley was in essence a time capsule, holding the remains of her eight-man crew and a wide array of items from the 19th century. The ongoing excavation of the Hunley offers a wonderful introduction to archaeology and the process of discovering the past through careful study of artifacts.

A visit to the Hunley explores a wide array of exciting areas of study that can be incorporated into your classroom environment.

The program concludes with an educational experience at the Hunley Lab in which the students may apply critical thinking and vocabulary terms while viewing the Hunley submarine and the exhibits. An engaging scavenger hunt will augment the experience at the Hunley and apply the newly learned terminology.