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A Touch Of Africa: Ms. Nina

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Program Description: Students will experience the life of African and Gullah cultures through song, dance and communication. Students learn a traditional African dance and chant to get an understanding as to how African dance was heavily incorporated by former slaves during slavery in Charleston, SC in the early 1800s.

Students learn fun facts about the motherland; such as what is the largest island in Africa, the largest river, tallest mountain, etc. Students will also learn different terms as to how to communicate with each other in Africa’s key language, Swahili.

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Sample Experiences:

By the end of the program students will be able to:

Communicate briefly in the language of Swahili (Africa’s key language).

Express and liberate themselves through African dance movements.

Perform a sequenced ballet formation African dance by the name of Cassa.

Recite 2 traditional African chants.

Create a head garment such as a crown or kufi.

unnamed (2)Recite several African natural resources, and also have knowledge on fashion trends worn in the past and in the present days throughout the villages.

Perform a dance for their fellow school mates, principals and teachers.