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Andrea Roule

Andrea RouleProgram Description: Andrea Roule studied classical and jazz piano during her undergraduate studies, receiving her BA in music and continued on at UT to receive her MM in vocal accompaniment/opera coaching.  Andrea accompanied for Opera Carolina’s young artist program and their main-stage chorus for two years. Andrea recently became a board-certified Music Therapist. She currently works as a music therapist with Heartland Hospice of Charleston, teaches piano and voice and guitar lessons. While studying music therapy, Andrea worked with children of all ages to create music experiences that would achieve a multitude of goals.  Some of these musical experiences included instrumental improvisation, drum circles, composition, mandalas and music, music and movement exercises, lyric analysis, and many more.

During an Experience with Andrea, students engage in activities that demonstrate a classic engineering term and its related music composition term.  By the end of the week the students will have composed a piece that pertains to the teacher-chosen theme of the week. Ultimately the students should emerge with a better understanding of the field of engineering as well as basic knowledge of how to compose music.

Sample Experiences:

Superheroes of the Periodic Table!   Create a superhero using the elements of the periodic table and music!

The Building Blocks of Music! Students study aspects of engineering as it pertains to music.  Using classic engineering terms students explore ways to build and create music.