Blog Spotlight: Storytree Theatre

Teralyn with Vikings (2)Limitless imagination and the ability to create and grow based on one’s own thoughts and goals. This is what Storytree Theatre provides and cultivates when working with the children in local areas.

Storytree Theatre is an organization that gives the opportunity for children to grow and learn using their own imaginations, rather than seeking the guidance of set rules, lines, and plans. Storytree goes into the local schools with a base of what they want to accomplish and achieve, and then lets the kids run with it to create their own experiences. The kids are given the opportunity to act, write, and design all to their liking. In one school the children were learning genetics, so Storytree decided to make their lesson based-off of Charlotte’s Web and the families in the story. The children ran with this idea and created their own characters and families.

Storytree gives these children the opportunity to explore their own minds, while connecting SONY DSCthese lessons with what the children are learning in their scholastic classes. They try to cater to each school, making each lesson plan special to that schools needs and the children that are in those individual classrooms.

Beginning about three years ago and working with ECM for about two years now, Storytree continues to grow and flourish in the local area with the hopes of creating multiple shows that would rotate through the schools. Starting with the next school year, Storytree will have an original show “Puss and Boots” performed in the schools and they will be doing workshops with the children afterwards.

S6 (2)It is Storytree’s flexibility and ability to mold to the children that make them such a great organization to work with ECM and within the local schools. To learn more about Storytree and their work, go to and donate on May 6th, Lowcountry Giving Day, to help support the local arts.