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 Ladson 3rd Grade

Program Description: Work with Charleston Stage to create performance pieces that reflect the SC  Standards that you are studying.  From the the science of the seasons to the Civil War and even a social studies “year in review,” there’s something for every age.  ECM Experiences are taught by 2-3 professional Resident Actor/Educators and involve full-class, interactive movement, vocal and performance techniques.

If grade levels wish to go see a performance by Charleston Stage at the Dock Street Theater, they will also be required to have a corresponding in-school experience, led by Charleston Stage or another ECM Partner.

Sample Experiences: *All examples were created specially to meet each individual teacher’s specific needs. Workshops are not limited to those listed below. *

K-2nd Grade Social Studies/Science

  • Kindergarten: Children as Citizens, Values of American Democracy, Organisms in the Environment, Observable Properties
  • 1st Grade: Family Environment, How Government Affects Families, Properties of Light/Shadows, Patterns of the Sun and the Moon
  • 2nd Grade: The Role of Local, State and National Government, Cultural Contributions of People, Daily/Seasonal Weather Patterns, Solids/Liquids/Magnets, Animal Structure

3rd Grade Social Studies and Language Arts: Civil War

  • Terminology/Ideas Addressed: Emancipation Proclamation, Abolitionist, Tariffs, Imports, Abraham Lincoln, Sherman’s March, Port Royal, Blockade of Charleston

4th Grade Science: The Science of the Seasons

  • Terminology/Ideas Addressed: Revolution, Rotation, Axis, Reason for the Seasons, Tilt of the Axis, The Sun’s Effects on Earth, Seasonal Order

5th Grade Social Studies/Language Arts: WWII/Great Depression

  • Terminology/Ideas Addressed: Stock Market Crash, Hoovervilles, Great Migration, Hobos, FDR, Axis of Power, Oakies, Churchill, Rise of Dictators, Invasion of Poland, Pearl Harbor

8th Grade Social Studies & Language Arts: Civil Rights Movement

  • Terminology/Ideas Addressed: Civil Rights, MLK Jr., Rosa Parks, Integration, Segregation, Discrimination, Sit-In, Thurgood Marshall, Judge Waring, Brown v. Board, Jim Crow Laws, Friendship Nine, Septima Clark, Briggs v. Elliot

EB Ellington

Upcoming ECM/Charleston Stage Field Trip Packages:

*The following bundles count as 2 experiences for an ECM grade level. Alternatively, ECM will fund the in-school teaching component and the school can secure funding to pay for the field trip.

The Miracle Worker/Beneath the Sweetgrass Moon

  • In addition to attending a full-scale production of The Miracle Worker at the historic Dock Street Theatre, 5th-8th grade students will work with actors in the classroom, using current social media to explore the story of Helen Keller, Annie Sullivan and their effect on society. Students will create Instagram pictures, tweet, and vine videos to tell the inspiring true story of Helen Keller.
  • In addition to attending a full-scale production of Beneath the Sweetgrass Moon: Tales of the Carolina South, K-5th grade students will work with actors in the classroom, exploring folktales of the south, and even creating their own folktales based on K-5th Grade Social Studies/Science Standards.

For more information about Charleston Stage’s school shows, visit their site.

Angel Oak Chas stage 2

Additional Topics Taught by Charleston Stage to Grades K-9:

*Planetary Science

*The Cold War

*Weather Patterns

*Famous Explorers

*Motion of Objects

*The Industrial Revolution

*The American Revolution

*The Science of Sound

*American Government

*Regions of SC

*Mathematical Biographies

*Westward Expansion

*Structures of Plants

*Supply and Demand

 *The Spanish-American War

*The Harlem Renaissance and “The Roaring 20’s”

 *Democracy and the Role of Citizens

Jennie Moore Chas Stage