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Dance Laugh Learn, Engaging Creative Minds, arts integration Charleston SC

Program Description:


Yoba (combination of yoga and ballet) will take K-3 students on a musical yoga journey with a mixture of flexibility and strength activities, movement games, narrative stories, and relaxation exercises. DLL Yoba is helpful for two very different reasons:

  1. DLL will work with educators to choose specific theme/concepts applicable to current study (I.E: Weather systems, mathematical patterns and multiplication, cave systems, jungle animals.) DLL will then take the topic/concept chosen and build a specific workshop around themed material with narrative stories, yoga and dance techniques, and relaxation exercises.
  2. DLL understands that the current young student has a lot on their plate. It can sometimes be difficult to manage emotions and expectations while staying focused and productive. DLL equips students with the tools to manage emotions, use productive communication skills, work on a team and affirm themselves and others. These skills can be particularly helpful before or during testing.

Dance Laugh Learn, Engaging Creative Minds, arts integration Charleston SC

Sample Concepts:

** This is not an exhaustive list; experiences can be created based on teachers needs.

Kindergarten: weather patterns, the environment, plant life cycle, animals, my family, jobs, my community, holidays, presidents, important historical figures, transportation, patterns, basic operations, complex shapes and measurement, rhyming, favorite books or authors, storytelling

1st Grade: properties of light, Sun/Moon, planets, bodies of water, natural resources, photosynthesis, world cultures, democracy, historical figures, holidays, presidents, community life, favorite authors and books, artists, order of events, storytelling, order of operations, complex shapes

2nd Grade: solids/liquids, weather systems, animal families, butterflies, temperature, local geography, basic functions of government, native American tribal groups, community roles, cultural history, character/setting/plot, basic geometry, measurement

3rd Grade: electricity, natural disasters, Earth Science, patterns of land, food chain, fossils, plants and animals, South Carolina studies, point of view, multiplication, and geometry

**YoBa is adaptable for older grades, please reach out for more info!

Dance Laugh Learn, Engaging Creative Minds, arts integration Charleston SC