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Final Week to Apply for Teacher Grants from the Charleston Marathon!

We’ve got a timely reminder for all of our local educators out there today, which we hope will help add a bit of productivity to the final weekend of another excellent Spring Break. It’s definitely about time for the anticipation of getting back to school to start ramping up, so here’s one way to get back to it on the right foot – it’s the final week to apply for a Teacher Grant from this year’s Charleston Marathon!

As many already know, ECM has been putting a lot of recent energy into expanding its longtime partnership with the hardworking folks at one of the area’s best and fastest-growing running events, the Charleston Marathon, which offers runners, walkers, and cyclists an incomparable experience of scenic downtown and North Charleston’s Park Circle as they test their skills over the weekend of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day every January. What was once a partnership has become a permanent association, and ECM now stands proudly as the guiding force behind the Charleston Marathon.

While this relationship offers ECM plenty of new outlets in connecting with the community, it also helps us to better achieve our core mission in very direct ways. One of the most important of those is the Charleston Marathon’s Teacher Grants program, through which twenty percent of all event profits go directly to local public school teachers to aid them in implementing more and better arts-based instruction to students who otherwise have very limited access to such opportunities. This is precisely the kind of dedicated community service that makes ECM proud to oversee the Charleston Marathon, and you’ll definitely be hearing a lot more about it as things continue to develop!

Teachers who work in the Charleston County School District, Berkeley County School District, and Dorchester District Two areas are encouraged to submit applications to Catherine Hines-McCormick ([email protected]) from now until the deadline on April 21st, and the form can be downloaded from the Charleston Marathon site, here:

If you’re a public educator with an interest in or even a willingness for taking advantage of the proven benefits of using the arts to improve engagement, results, and the general learning atmosphere, then we hope that this opportunity for a Teacher Grant from the Charleston Marathon will only be the first, or next, step in a continued relationship with Engaging Creative Minds. We’re always here to do whatever we can to support students and educators alike in the mission to make our community the best it can be!

Be sure to keep your eyes and ears open for plenty more news from the upcoming 2018 Charleston Marathon, which opens for registration next month. We’re looking forward to our biggest and brightest year yet!