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Thanks for sharing your super powers, Cory McCall! | Volunteer Spotlight

Up next for Volunteer Appreciation Week, we have Cory McCall. Cory is an educator with Teach for America South Carolina and recently started volunteering with Engaging Creative Minds (ECM). He has made his mark in a short time, helping out at our community events. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

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ECM Operations Coordinator, Alicia Modoor said, “At each event, Cory goes above and beyond to challenge the kids. In every activity he participates, he tries his best to get each child to express themselves creatively. Cory is an INCREDIBLE volunteer.”

When we asked Cory about what motivated him to volunteer with ECM, he said, “My main motivation behind volunteering with ECM is having the ability to interact with a larger part of my community. What makes the experience so meaningful is being able to interact with such a diverse group of children and parents in environments different from the classroom. The biggest benefit would be the privilege I have to learn about learning. I get to experience different levels of learning and I’ve been able to translate this knowledge back to my classroom. My most memorable accomplishment and memory would be the delightful day I was able to share a dance and conga line with Mayor Tecklenburg.

If you are feeling inspired to learn more about the benefits of Arts Integration join our amazing team of volunteers!