Mosaic Magic with Meryl Weber

Meryl Weber

Mosaic is an ancient art that can be used as a vehicle to help students visualize concepts from any subject area.

In this residency, students will explore their creativity by designing a mosaic tile for themselves and one that can be included in a group mural. The finished piece can be installed at the school as a permanent work of art. Students learn, through the medium of mosaics, to translate information they have learned into a visual form.

Residencies can be tailored to meet the needs of any grade level and the artist and teachers can work together to choose any subject area for students to use as the theme for their tiles.


Some previous mural subjects have included: 

GRADE 3:  ANIMALS AND THEIR ENVIRONMENT: Students chose an animal to study and then created a tile using geometric shaped pieces. 

GRADE 4:  WEATHER CONDITIONS, LANDFORMS AND ECO SYSTEMS: Students used information from their study in science to create tiles for a mural on these subjects. 

GRADE 5:  ECO SYSTEMS AND ORGANISMS: Students were assigned different eco systems to study and created a  four part mural of the Desert, Salt Marsh, Ocean and the Rainforest.

THE HARLEM RENIASSANCE: Students created colorful tiles that depicted images from this creative time in history.

GRADE 6: MATH: MANDALAS, GEOMETRIC AND RADIAL DESIGNS Students used colorful, geometric tiles to create symmetrical Mandalas.  

GRADE 7: GREEK AND ROMAN HISTORY: Students used stone tiles to depict a design from ancient art.

GRADE 8:  GEOLOGICAL TIMELINE: Students were assigned an era from the geological timeline and used this information to create a mosaic of an organism or animal. (Follow link to see photos)

VA4-1.4 Select and use the most effective materials, techniques, and processes to communicate his or her ideas, experiences, and stories through works of visual art.

VA5-1.2 Describe ways that different materials, techniques, and processes evoke different responses in one who is creating or viewing artworks.

VA6-1.3 Select and apply the most effective materials, techniques, and processes to communicate his or her experiences and ideas through artworks.

VA7-3.3 Discuss the ways that choices of subject matter, symbols, and ideas combine to communicate meaning in his or her works of visual art.

VA85.1 Compare various purposes for the creation of works of visual art.