Storytree Theater

Our Mission – Cultivating the Art of Play…

Storytree Theatre is an organization of people who believe that theatre is integral to children’s development. The residencies help students build communication skills, expand vocabulary, perform team member responsibilities and think creatively and critically at a higher level.  Storytree staff members work with classroom teachers to create a standards-based theatre experience for students. Residencies are flexible and can be designed to accommodate each school or classroom’s needs. 


Workshops are not limited to those listed below


3rd – 8th Grade ELA AND DRAMA: Playwriting – students learn the basic elements of script writing, create their own plays, and see the plays performed within the workshop setting.

5TH – 8TH GRADE SOCIAL STUDIES AND ELA: Exploring Shakespeare – students approach Shakespeare’s text from a performance point of view, experiencing the work the way it was originally intended to be experienced; best for grades 5 and up.

3RD -8TH GRADE ELA AND DRAMA ELA: Story’s the Word – students explore the basics of story writing and perform their original work.

5TH -8th Grade ELA and Social Studies: Give and Take – teaches about giving and taking through performance and how we react to people by their reaction to us: engages the student in a variety of games that examine social status and pressures.

SC Standards for Theater Addressed During this Experience:

T3-1.2 Improvise characters, environments, dialogue, and action in group theatre games and activities.

T4-1.3 Use appropriate script formats to create dramatic adaptations of stories or other texts.

T5-1.1 Analyze stories and scripts for basic dramatic elements such as character, setting, plot, and theme.

T6-1.3 Use the elements of plot structure to write short scenes in collaborative groups.

T7-8.2 Analyze the historical and cultural contexts of improvisations and published plays.

T8-2.8 Create and justify characters and roles on the basis of his or her observations of people’s interactions, ethical choices, and emotional responses.


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