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123 Mango Tree – Nadine Johnson

Students will experience how writers and illustrators create books. Each student will write and illustrate a short story. During the writing process, students will partner up and provide each other with critiques. After their books are completed, the students will present their stories to the class.


Students will learn how to use nouns, verbs, adverb, and adjectives to create lasting pictures in the minds of readers. They will learn how to give feedback and accept constructive criticisms from their peers. They will learn how to use words and art to bring a story to life. They well also develop presentation skills by sharing their book with the class.



5-Day Creative Writing Workshop

Day 1

  • Artist introduces self and gives an overview of the workshop
  • Word phases will be given to the students for them to act out; specific parts of speech will be changed one word at a time; student will learn how adjectives, nouns, verbs, and adverbs create different mental pictures and evoke varying emotions
  • Artist will read one of her books to the students
  • Each student will be given a copy of the pages and asked to find the various parts of speech in the story
  • Students will be placed in three groups and asked to deconstruct the story and summarize the beginning, middle, and end
  • Artist will discuss the factors that make a great story

Last Night I Dreamt I Was a Doctor Picture Book


Day 2

  • Artist will detail the creative writing project that the student will be working on for the rest of the week
  • Students will write an outline for their story, which should be appropriate or preschool age children and should have a teachable lesson such as the importance of sharing as the theme.
  • Their outline will have three parts (beginning, middle, and end), and each part will have two descriptions indicating what with happen in that section of the story
  • Student will learn the art of constructive criticism then they will partner up and share their story outline to get constructive feedback; artist will also give feedback to students
  • Students will revise their outline based on the suggestions from their peers
  • Students will start writing their story, which will be a maximum of 300 words

Day 3

  • Students will bring the completed first draft of their story to school
  • Students will partner up and share their stories to get constructive feedback; artist will also give feedback to students
  • Student will revise and finalize their story based on the feedback
  • Artist will give a booklet to each student to break out his/her manuscript into 10-12 story pages

Day 4

  • Artist will teach students how to use art to help tell a story
  • Students will draw their own characters and illustrate the pages of their story and book cover

Day 5

  • Artist will give students presentation tips
  • Students will present their stories to the class