Ann Caldwell


ELE EXPERIENCE: Through songs students learn to dissect vocabulary words for the emotions and meanings they portray. Ann Caldwell uses her guitar and songs to introduce students to meaningful writing and expression. Ann performs music from several historical times and genres: Jazz, Spirituals, Pop Standards, Folk and Rhythm & Blues. 

  • Understanding the historical effects of music and song

Ann Caldwell is a vocalist and performing artist. A native of Denmark, SC, Ann brings with her the spirits of her ancestors who lived on oak lined dirt roads, and used music as a way to commune with each other. Ann was a student of the late June Bonner, former Metropolitan Opera singer.  Additionally, she is a gifted song writer.

Sample lesson: Captivate student interest of history through music and song. Ann teaches students about the enslaved Africans before, during and after the Civil War. Songs and music of the times teach children how the slaves communicated with one another about their ordeals

Day 1: The capturing of Africans; Door of No Return; Middle Passage; Students will sing songs of time while Ann Caldwell plays the African drum

Day 2: Rhythm and spirituals taught and relevance of how these were used to help the slaves in the fields set the pace of work

Day3: Mock sermon with a fun song demonstrates to the students how to create meaning and mood of songs

Day4: The importance of coded messages in songs such as the Underground Railroad and Big Dipper

Day5: Spirituals from the the Civil War and how they were used during the Civil Rights Movement

SC Standards for the General Music Addressed During this Experience:

MG3-1.3 Sing a varied repertoire of music including partner songs, ostinati, and rounds.

MG4-1.5 Create rhythmic and melodic patterns on classroom instruments and other sound sources (for example: technologies and environmental sounds).

MG5-2.4 Improvise short songs and instrumental pieces using a variety of sound sources and technology.

MG5-6.3 Integrate music into creative writing, storytelling, poetry, dance, theatre, and visual arts, and other disciplines.

MG7-5.1 Select, from a list, distinguishing characteristics of representative music genres and styles for a variety of cultures.

MG8-5.1 Describe distinguishing characteristics of representative music genres and styles from a variety of cultures including cultures represented in the history of South Carolina.