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Art-based experiences integrated with SC standards for any subject or any grade



Choose from our list of sample projects:

Setting the Scene; The Time Machine; Steam Art; Writing Workshops, Art-based Workshops

Setting the Scene:

  1. Students pose in costume individually & in groups, recreating scenes from different time periods: Revolution, Antebellum SC Civil War, Harlem Renaissance…


The Time Machine:

Using costumes & props, students interact with each other to create music & videos reflecting another time

Civil Rights in Charleston: The Charleston Sit-in, 1963. The Cigar Factory Strike, 1949.



The Mayflower Compact, 1620





                           Students explore science & math through art

Students create equation based mobiles inspired by Alexander Calder


                                                                                                            Lego fractions

           Students act out a food chain & write a narrative in response to a surrealistic image.

ART-Based   Workshops:

Integrate history, literature, science and math

Writing Workshops:


Hands on History:

2-D & 3-D Art -based In-school Workshops

Grades 2-3: Cultural Contributions & Thanksgiving: Students learn about the first Thanksgiving, & explore Native American, African American & Hispanic American culture, plus create 3-D face masks

Grades 3-5: Exploring “isms”: Students learn about the major isms, & create their own art inspired by Matisse, Monet, Mondrian, Modigliani, Picasso, & Dali. Includes music.


Grades 4-12: Jars & Jugs: Students learn about Dave the Potter& his jars, & create their own face jugs

In Our Eyes:

 Grades 8-12: A 2 hour+ Museum experience focused on beloved African American personalities in the Gibbes Collection. Includes art-making and/or writing workshop.




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