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Nakeisha Daniel – Theater

Program Description:    Nakeisha Daniel brings curriculum to life using the magic of drama. She specializes in working with teachers to create standards-based experiences that meet their classrooms specific needs. Experiences explore basic theater concepts, social-emotional learning, encourage students to engage positively with peers, imaginative play, and critical thinking skills. Students work together to create in class performance pieces that build confidence and enhance learning.

Engaging Creative Minds, ECM, arts integration

Sample Experiences:

*All examples were created specifically to meet each individual teacher’s needs. Experiences are not limited to those listed below. *


K-2nd Grade ELA: Exploring a Story

-Vocabulary/Concepts: Text, Character, Plot, Setting, Problem, Beginning/Middle/End, Rhyme, Expressions, Rhythm, Storytelling


2nd-5th Grade Science and Engineering: Machines and Systems of the Body

-Vocabulary/Concepts: Circulatory, Respiratory, Skeletal, Muscular, Digestive, Nervous, Sensors, Motors, Gears, Controls, Effectors


4th- 5th Grade Social Studies: Branches of Government

-Vocabulary/Concepts: US Constitution, Bill of Rights, Founding Fathers, Articles of Confederation, Political Parties


4th-6th Grade ELA: Where we are in Place and Time

-Vocabulary/Concepts: Responsibility, Connection, Perspective, Global Society, Authentic Self


4th-6th Grade Social Studies: Fundamental Needs of Humans

-Vocabulary/Concepts: Art, Religion, Shelter, Clothing, Defense, Social Acceptance, Physical Health, Communication, Nutrition, Transportation


6th-7th Grade Social Studies and Language Arts: Gullah Folktales

-Vocabulary/Concepts: Oral Tradition, Theme, Characterization, Setting, Plot, Style & Tone, Region


7th-8th Grade ELA: Literary Terms

-Vocabulary/Concepts: Process, Narrative Structure, Repetition, Alliteration, Onomatopoeia, Metaphor, Idiom, Personification


What’s in a Word: An introduction to Shakespeare

A wonderful introduction to Elizabethan language and performing. Through the famous sonnets by William Shakespeare students will study poetry and rhyming words, learn a brief history of the Bard and what it meant to be an actor during his time.


Let’s Build a Bridge: Leadership, Team work, Communication, and Social Emotional Learning

In this drama and SEL based workshop students will engage in meaningful activities designed to build awareness and community.


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