You are currently viewing The Charleston Regional Alliance for the Arts Presents: Arts Matter Day 2017!

The Charleston Regional Alliance for the Arts Presents: Arts Matter Day 2017!

UPDATE: While adverse circumstances surrounding Hurricane Irma postponed our plans on the original date for Arts Matter Day, our partners at CRAA have now officially rescheduled the proceedings for Tuesday, October 10th! We’ll have plenty more updates and some timely reminders here at our blog and on our Facebook page during the coming weeks. And, of course, thanks to those who came out on September 6th for making the Arts Matter Day Bazaar a great night!!

Things sure have been heating up at ECM’s award-winning annual Summer STEAM Institute this month, where kids from all over the Lowcountry have come together to generate an atmosphere of fun and learning, full of all kinds of infectious curiosity and creativity. You can bet that there’s plenty of news and lots of inspiring stories yet to come to supplement our regular camp updates on ECM’s Facebook page, too!

Today, however, we take a moment to look a bit further into the future, toward a time in which we’ll be thinking hard about how to make next year’s Summer STEAM Institute, as well as the rest of our regular school year programming, the best it’s ever been. One of the big things that makes that possible for a nonprofit like ECM, of course, is donations!

It’s certainly always our pleasure to work hard for the long-term benefit of the children, adults, and public institutions that we serve since the positive effects are so clear, but we would also be greatly remiss if we were to overlook the fact that we simply couldn’t even begin to do so without the continuing support of everyday people who believe in the power of the arts to enrich the learning experience throughout life, and in the power of many people working together in small ways to inspire major positive changes in our society as a whole. Our thanks and gratitude remain with anyone who has found it worthwhile in the past to donate to ECM’s efforts!

Now, with the help of the longtime local arts advocacy all-stars at the Charleston Regional Alliance for the Arts, ECM is looking forward to rallying supporters both old and new for an exceptional day of donor demonstration this Fall season. Along with a wide variety of the Charleston area’s most active arts nonprofits, ECM will be holding open its digital doors on On September 12th, 2017 for a special day of giving appropriately entitled Arts Matter Day, presented by CRAA.

Though donations for Arts Matter Day will be directed to and focused in this particular 24-hour period, there will also be a series of community outreach events between now and September 12th in which you’ll be able to take part in some fun and unusual activities, get to know members of the local creative community better, and learn a lot more about the organizations that work hard to make creativity a regular part of life for local kids from all backgrounds. You’ll be seeing and hearing a lot more about our Arts Matter Day events in the coming weeks, so stay tuned for plenty more details on how you can catch up with ECM at an exciting outreach event this summer!

For this year’s Arts Matter Day, we’d love nothing more than to make you a part of our team as we work to create a more imaginative, more engaged world. It all starts with something small, and though it’s a cliché, some well-known phrases are simply too true to go out of style. Today we acknowledge that, now as always, every little bit counts!

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