Thanks for sharing your super powers! | Volunteer Appreciation Week

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”


Did you know that volunteers have super powers? They give of their time and skills to help us with fundraising, administrative tasks & operations, and they help spread the word about the mission of the organization. This past year, we had over 500 volunteers give us a total of 4,747 hours of their time. That is one solid community and we are incredibly thankful for ALL of you!

We wouldn’t be able to provide these engaging arts programs in our schools without the support, dedication and hard work of these amazing volunteers! In celebration of Volunteer Appreciation Week, we will be recognizing a few people that went above and beyond to help our organization SHINE. A big “WOOHOO” goes out to Cory, Emily, Julie, Lee and Maureen! Follow us on FacebookInstagram & Twitter this week as we share some highlights and words of wisdom from these wonderful folks.

We would also like to give a special “WOOHOO” to our board members who help us steer the ship. We are grateful for their zeal and commitment to our mission.


Robin Berlinsky, Executive Director

If you are feeling inspired to help engage students through Arts Integration, you can support us by donating OR join our amazing team of volunteers!